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you sound stupid

No the white guys may not be the ones with their pants to their knees shooting, they are just the ones around here with the meth labs in their homes with the kids in there, snatching 85yr old lady purses, assault on females, panhandling on every corner of market st. & at gas stations...must i go on? why dont you go cry your government help blues to them? anyways the only thing I can agree with you on is it's not the club/bar owners faults... anyways, quit judging others & if you were actually working 2 jobs & being a full-time student you wouldnt have time to get on wway whining & complaining... i think the white, mexican & black actions around town are pretty stupid & they all need to get a life. & with all that being said, im sure you will get the point being a 4.0 student blah blah (congrats on that by the way)..
A white woman of New Hanover County
p.s. God Bless & have a nice day everyone :)


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