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Blame it on the alcohol!!???

Maybe I'm wrong but race has nothing to do with the trouble that is taking place in Wilmington. The club owners can't be blamed for the actions of their patrons who are immature and can't control themselves when they are drinking. Alcohol gives some a false sence of bravery. Everyone who wants to go out on the weekends and instead of actually doing what you are supposed to be doing and that is like having a good time, you go out, start arguing, fighting, acting like a straight fool and you know your mama didn't raise your ass to act like that, and then someone might really get hurt of die. Unfortunately, these young adults, and I use theat term loosely, don't know how to conduct themselves in public and maybe the parents should be blamed, maybe not. Kids don't have anything to focus on. They honestly believe that there is nothing to fight for or to live for, and why should they? Look at the world that they are being raised in, mass deaths, terrorism, poltiticians failing society and can't get on board for the common cause whatever that might be. Death has beed glamorized and life looks bleaker everyday. What to, do we actually sit down with these same individuals and figure out what they might actually need or want ordo we just sit back and talk about them like they are miscellanous to what is going on in our lives? Shrugging my shoulders too. I have 5 kids aged 22, 21, 20, 16, and 13. My kids are the prime suspects for violence and gang activity. I can't always protect them and they don't tell me everything but the one thing I have tried to instill in them is to always treat people exactly how you want to be treated. Oh and joining a gang will not be tolerated in my household.


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