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Have to prove

Court officials tell WWAY Around the Clock Bail Bonds posted the bond Tuesday. A judge had required that anyone who wanted to bond Wright out of jail would have to appear in court to explain why and where the money is from. But at a hearing on that this morning, Judge Jack Hooks ruled that because the money came from a bondsman, no more information was required. State law grants bondsmen privacy for business.

We've tried to contact Mark Cartret, the owner of Around the Clock Bail Bonds, but a woman at his office said he was not in, and she did not know how to get hold of him, because he rarely comes to the office.

Why did the judge all of a sudden change his mind? Since Mark Cartret is involved, he does not have to "Show me the money?" Could it be because this guy works for the federal government that allows him all of thes privaleges? I think the judges policy should have been reviewed here in this matter. Follow the money and there will be an answer. Also how can a bail bondsman run a business but never be in the office? So WWAY who posted the bond then? Was it Cartret? This story smells fishier by the minute. Our government has hired people like Cartret since before the President Kennedy thing and it continues to this day. Look at Oliver North? He had all kinds of businesses and was still working for the government while selling arms to our enemies. I think WWAY needs to look more into who Cartret really is, who he works for and why he is never in the office.


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