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Get your facts straight before posting

I think Mark Cartret is a very honest person that speaks his mind. The Mark Cartret I know, like both of his grandfathers, would give you the shirt off of his back regardless of your political party affiliation. He has been in a position to witness things that many of us have heard nothing but rumors about. Why bash or slander him or his family if it is his or his employees job to post bond for someone charged with a crime? If not for his livelihood, jails would be larger than hospitals and our tax dollars would have to go up. Anyway these folks Mark Cartret and his employees are dealing with are innocent until proven guilty-at the pretrial stage. We are now witnessing the Machine going after Jon David, Charlie Miller and Mark Cartret. These 3 are speaking out and have taken a stand. Whether or not they end up like General Custer depends on whether or not others have enough backbone to come to their assistance. They only do what should have already been done. I am sure that Mark Cartret has made enough money to leave Columbus County by now so speaking out is probably of no benefit to him. Make your County better by joining in with those that would seek to rid the area of corruption, lifetime-elected judicial officials that are politically connected and others working behind the scenes “fixing trials” “routing cases for dismissals” and such.
By the way, his "wife" is Hungarian and not a Russian and much of what you write of is blatantly incorrect. There have been many falsehoods posted on the Internet. Please research the facts before you write such or at the very least ask someone who knows.


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