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You people need to realize

You people need to realize that the deputy did not ask to be put in that position. Every day deputies go to work, they know that situations like this can happen. I don't know why you want to question his actions, when the fact is the deputy was there to protect and serve the public in the first place.
What we, as a community, need to do is support him, as I am sure he did not want to be a part of Friday night's events and his life would have been much easier if it had not happened. This is a tragedy and I pray for the family of the deceased, as well as the deputy and his family.
My philosophy is if people would not put themselves in such positions of crime, then they would not have to worry about things like this happening. I wonder what you would do if someone pointed a loaded gun at you...have you ever thought about it that way? Stop placing the blame on someone who does his job each and every day just to make this county a much safer place for you to live!


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