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Where is the middle ground?

Why does this website seem to attract folks that only see things in black or white? Everyone is far left or far right. I sometimes wonder if either sides make these stupid comments just to draw people into an argument. Where is the middle ground? It seems to happen with most stories here.

With this story, that has very few details, I see comments stating the officer was completely in the right, and some saying he's in the wrong. From this article, how are you guys coming up with that?

Here is how I feel. From what little I know, the officer's actions sound justified and I don't think anyone should speak poorly against him until details emerge showing otherwise. With that being said, he chose to be deputy and was trained for these situations, and should act accordingly to that training. He doesn't get a free pass just because he did not want to be there that day. If law enforcement never made the wrong call, there would not be mandatory investigation of the incident.

An opinion is one thing, but some of the statements here from those for and from those against the officer are crazy to make until the investigation is over.


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