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leo shooting

First off "lightman", you have to be the most ignorant person around. You really shoul have a clue about what you r talking about before you start commenting on thing u have no iea of what u r talking about. First off all officers must pass a psych. examination. Officers ARE not trained to wound, they r traine to stop the threat and the threat was a person pointing a deadly weapon, a gun at the Deputies!!! They did not have to try a non-letal force, tazer before but they did, they did not go in blasting shots at will. I tell you what GROW a SET and go to the BLET program and do the job thtat is being done instead of sitting back and belittleing of what you are def. ignorant about. As far as "guest" that talked about the "indoor shooting range and archery" REALLY??? and do you LIVE on the other side of that garage where the bullets can penetrate through. Don't forget that the same "neighbors" who possibly know of this supposidly "range" are the ones who called 911 and asked for assistance. That is just crazy to think someone would have such but that really dosn't matter, the fact is UNIFORMED DEPUTIES in MARKED CARS showed up, hello, there was no question who was there, the average person would put down the gun and talk to the deputies not threaten them. Think about what you are saying and maybe don't be so quick to judge.....LEO do a thankless job and are always critizied on how they whould of handled something by the public who have never walked in their shoes. Who knows what was going on in Brown's head when he pointed the gun but the deputies have a job to do that is not always easy but hey!!!!! Someone with a set has to do it!!!! My heart and prayers go out to the deputies involved that night. Sorry you had to go thru that Dep. Genda but God bless you for your service you do!!


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