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average person?

Lou06 you said how the average person would react, like I said if someone burst through my door and I had a gun in my hand it would be pointed in the direction of the intruder. Lou06 let me ask you if you were or are an officer and you were searching a residence with an open door. While you are searching the residence I would imagine you have your weapon (gun) out while doing your sweep. If during some point a person walks out of the restroom, as an officer what would you do? I know you probably would do what most officers do is point the gun out of reaction and protection. Am I correct in my statement? I am not putting law enforcement officers down I know there job is very dangerous and they never know what comes next. I know they have seconds to make a decision whether right or wrong, and an attorney has months to prove what he did was wrong. I just want to say no one knows what Mr. Brown was thinking he may have been thinking someone was there to hurt or rob him. He may have been hearing impaired and not seeing as well as he was in his younger years. He may have been depressed and wanted to end it all. I'm not saying what the officer did is wrong in his actions but have compassion for the deceased. Both sides of this story is tragic for the deputy and Mr. Brown. I can put myself in both of these people shoes. I just don't want people thinking that Mr. Brown was a walking time bomb when in fact he didn't know what was happening and he reacted out of protection. Lets wait to see what the SBI determines.


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