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leo shooting

Guest.....who said the officers went in busting thru the front door? You said what would I do if somone came busting in my residence well first off where did that even come from? and secondly a responsible gun owner will eveluate what is before him or her before and judge what force is needed, I said the average person would see officers in marked cars pull up they would put down the gun and talk to them. And if he could not see the deputies then he really had no business with the gun shooting it anyway. What if a child had been in tbe area?? I am not putting Brown down, I said that nobody knows what was going on in his head as to why he would point a gun at the deputies. And you are right searching a building I woiuld have my gun drawn but you are talking about a whole different scenerio than me firing my gun in a garage with neighbors near by. My biggest problem was that lightwhat ever his name was was throwing out ignorant responses. And as far as your response you stated that he had a indoor range, I can tell you one thing my neighbors house is just a little farther away than what appeared on the news image but my neighbor will NOT have an "indoor" range in their garage and I be ok with it. Not gonna happen oh and by the way somone said the wife called....don't you think she thought there was a problem for her to call 911? Just saying........


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