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Wow - great! You just solved

Wow - great! You just solved the problem that kills more young drivers than anything else. I'm sure parents will feel much better now because you told their kids to TRY TO DRIVE SAFE. Wow, if only we all knew it would be that easy - all we have to do is tell teens to "try to use common sense" and they will stop dieing in car crashes!!!
Maybe we should all be thanking people like Doug Darrell who are out there trying to solve this national epidemic and prevent parents from suffering the worst tragedy imaginable - the death of their child.
-instead of someone like you who does NOTHING but decides someone else making a difference is simply a money grab.
I don't know Darrell or this program but one thing I hate is someone who does nothing to make this world a better place but is quick to criticize someone who is attempting to do good.


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