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Truth Hurts Sometime...

Let Berger FIGHT his own battles, why don't ya? Are you his mother? Or, if I got your gender wrong, Are you his Daddy?

Here's a News Flash for you... It isn't WWAY's problem! Why are you picking fights and condemning THEM all the time?

And... Why are you condemning US as Bloggers?
DO YOU NOT BELIEVE IN THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH? I THOUGHT TEA PARTIERS all agreed on at least one thing...The Constitution. I am a Right Wing Conservative and would have LOVED him to make it, but can see that he can't cut it, no matter who on the Commission is worse.

Last week, you insulted EVERYONE who wrote in against your BOY, and called us all a bunch of names...but I could have cared less, because you were the ONLY one defending him, so I thought you must be related or his Nana.

Brian Berger has created his own perfect storm. I've watched it implode and his political career is a ticking timebomb...about to be charted as the worst nominee to ever capture a seat in the County.

I think WWAY should get journalistic merit for these local political stories about the goof-balls that keep getting elected because of the coaching from people like you during the campaign season.

You guys helped him to hide his idiosyncricies, his incompetence, his weirdo, cry-baby attitude and his inabilities to accomplish anything.

Sorry, Truth Hurts Sometime! You need to practice Tough Love, his behavior leaves a LOT to be Desired by the HARD WORKING taxpayers of New Hanover County. Did I get through to YOU yet???


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