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Guest 500

Are you a taxpayer? Are you not concerned that there is WASTEFUL spending of your tax dollars in Berger's salary stipend and medical insurance? Do you realize that a LOT of people do not have the BENEFIT of Medical coverage, while we are FUNDING this Loser?

Also, please tell me that you realize that the STATE (not the County) is responsible for 'lengthening the lanes' along College Road, as you put it.

And no, I think education is more important than land or lengthening...but I do believe that we, the tax payers already voted in a bond for education and I do believe that we spend tons of our hard earned money on the State Lottery which is meant to go toward education of children.

See, I think I know ENOUGH about the education money woes, I am sick of hearing THAT news, whereas YOU are sick of hearing that the Guy who is sitting in a Commissioners seat is a loser. I'm NOT sick of hearing it, I want to know the crap he is pulling, because I pay HIS SALARY AND HIS MEDICAL BENEFITS and he needs to be held accountable!


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