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Scott, do you really consider this newsworthy? The more newsworthy story here is the land purchase. Why does the 2nd smallest county in the state, with miles of beaches, need ANOTHER park? Especially in a down economy.

Your biases are showing in this "story" and it is not becoming. WWAY is rapidly decending into a total tabloid and this "story" is on par with the one about Commissioner Barfield ironing his shirt.

I don't blame Ben for sticking up for Brian after the way WWAY has attempted to sensationalize every move he makes. That's what friends do. Did you actually listen to Ben's show on Saturday? I did. He did not give Brian a pass for being late to meetings and not showing up Friday morning.

If this site does not tone down its hysterical, shrieking tone I have a feeling that any shred of credibility WWAY has in this very small region will be lost. Stick to the issues and stop trying to CREATE the news.

And bash me all you want, I don't care.


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