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Nice to see the Brunswick Co Sheriffs office worried about a few people involved in the worlds oldest profession meanwhile plenty of violent crimes go unpunished and unsolved, why werent they out looking to figure out who murdered that poor football player. Who gives a crap if somebody wants to pay to get laid honestly.. While I dont agree with the whole thing for my own reasons Im sick and tired of the government deciding what 2 consenting adults decide to do in the privacy of their own home/hotel room. This ranks up there with the nannystate bullcrap that continues to go on on all levels of government.. Prime example is this along with the DOJ raid on the violent criminals known as online poker sites. Really?? Who cares?? Besides Prohibition doesnt work we figured this out 80 yrs ago and yet moralistic dipsticks continue to dictate what I should or shouldnt be able to do or watch on TV (This is the only area nearby where I cant even watch Poker After Dark on NBC but yet its available on WITN 7 in Eastern NC, and WMBF in Myrtle Beach I mean seriously Ill bet WECT would get better ratings at 2am for PAD then they do for there idiotic Infomericals that they insist on running instead of National NBC Feed). Ugh What happened to individual liberty and responsibility in this country.. We keep shipping it off to let others who claim to know better then us make decisions on what we can or cant do in the privacy of our own homes and people wonder why we are in the mess we are in because we let the big government types run our lives.


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