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one tree hill

i strogly feel that only making 13 esipode of one tree hill is i strogly not only should the show go on they keep all then new charters and old and bring back lucus and peyton and rateing will increase and make the show way more ejoyable not that it is not now but mix the new with old and think the show would be even more encredible and your rating will go out the roof. if you cancle I stroglybelive cws wil tank in ratting and enjoyment I know for one that I will veto that channel if you cancle. I have enjoyed each and everyone of the epsiodes and each season cant wait for the new seaon.
We oth follower have watched the gange grow up and think you owe it to let watch the whole gange familys grow up and watch what happens will all the new ppl.there not just characters to me there ppl I strongly belive I should get to watch a flersh I have medcail problem and watching the ppl grow and flershish . I bleive taking that enjoyment away would big mistake and im sure there plently more peopole that are in the same sitution and even take the show away from others I blieve is incredible wrong and cws will go down with show.


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