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the news paper says that the

the news paper says that the tax increase is to help save from cutting county jobs (along with other things this is 1 example but) i say why not increase taxes a reasonable amount and cut some township/county worker jobs. why if you work for the county/town are you immune to the loss of your job? i spoke with someone i know who works for the township of leland and there answer to me was... im so glad they raised taxes my job is safe now i dont care i live in wilmington all i care about is keeping my job. i say trim the workers as well as raising taxes a reasonable amount, i dont think its fair that there jobs are saved by our tax dollars because in the private sector there isnt a safe job out there right now why are they held higher to the toubled economy. just my 2 cents im just bitter that so many people out there loose jobs yet if you work for the government all you have to do is raise taxes to keep your job, why dont we raise them even more so the government workers can have a raise and more sick/ personal time hell lets double taxes so we can increase there pentions and medical care too. lets give them everything we are a whole this country needs to trim the fat off its work force like all the other buisness did over the last 2 years but they wont they will increase taxes while the hard working class goes from job to job(when they can get what little work is out there) to make ends meet and pay there salarys. we have enough parks a big enough library we dont need bigger and better roads we need to watch what we are doing not spend what we dont have .....i dont see people moving here i see people leaving its time for the government to be held acountable for there actions if they spend to much of what they dont have raising taxes isnt the answer for everything better management is!!!! And the housing prices arent coming back anytime soon so i hope they dont think it will and the high taxes wont make more people want to move here and thats what we need we need to get people to want to live here not leave i dont see brunswick forest booming i dont see the developement on lanvale road complete i see alot of unfinished house alot of unfinished projects that i dont think will be finished anytime ranting im sorry ive been here for a few years now and at first it looked like this area would become great but now i think the boom is over


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