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Berger right, Barfield up to his bag of lies

Barfield didn't follow Roberts Rules. For some reason, we have nearly 100 local boards, commissions, authorities and ONLY the Barfield led NH County Commissioners don't use roberts rules. Why? throwback to the old days of good ole boy control when there was nobody loking out for most folk like Brian Berger is these days.
Don't need roberts rules when all decisions are agreed to before the meeting and everyone is part of the status quo blue blood club. Berger has cajones but the rules, staff, wway are just part of the difficulties he faces...wway lies about this guy daily with no remorse. Like most of the county board, wwalie has an agenda but no integrity. No ethics. Its ridiculous to attack berger when questins need to ask why catlin and the others voted for this when threres no money to buy it. Why was it flippped? Why is berger the only one fighting for the people not the statsus quo on the board. Your apathy to the ?s that matter is why only that player on the big squawker watches wway or takes your failed terrble reporters seriously. Roberts rules, huh? Mickey just another county worker with a grudge it seems and no facts to share. What a joke.


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