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Drugs...The Great Satan

I have known this kid since He was 5 years old. He was a good kid. However He got into useing Drugs and that is the Great Destroyer of ones life. It will make you do things you would never consider doing if you were not on Drugs. I wish the Law could get every Drug Dealer off of the streets of Wilmington and put them away for along time. They don't realize they are destroying people and their entire Families just for a dollar in their pocket.I have a Son who was a user of drugs for many years, the Grace of GOD, He is now clean for 11 monthes. Wayne needs help to get off of the Drugs and He needs to pay the penalty for what He has done.I donot condone what He has done,however He does need help. I Pray for him and all the people who are caught up in the use of drugs and I PRAY for all their Families as I know what the Families are going through. Don't give up on these people.There are Human beings with and extreme sickness that needs help. I as a Mother of a former User will continue to Pray for all these sick people. And I will continue to Pray that Law Enforcement can get these desturbed selfish Drug Dealers off of the streets.Wayne would never done something like this when He was in His right mind. I HATE what has happened and feel only hur't in my heart. Wayne was like my own Son when He was growing up, but I have not seen Him much in the last few years since He began His use of Narcotics.


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