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my brother

The only person who can judge anyone on this earth is God. Wayne probably hasnt been the greatest father he could of been. But he loved his kids. Wayne's father was a piece of work too. If you only knew the struggles hes been going through the past few years, you might understand. There is no justification on robbing a store. But my brother would NEVER do that in a right state of mind. Ive listened to him and talked to him almost every day the past couple of months over the phone talk about how horrible his life was, how he felt like he had no one to turn to. No family, no friends. Wayne was very depressed and sick. He had metal rods put in his legs a few years back causing him serious pain. Those pills he was put on made him develop an addiction to them. He's been crying out that he needs help. That he wants to die. He was denied his meds last week and its so sad and unfortunate that he felt he had to rob the pharmacy for pills...and that he relide on them so much. He didnt rob cvs for money. He needed something for his pain and addiction. For anyone who wants to call him a "junkie"...he might be. But he was prescribe to them by a doctor. Its terrible that these pills that causes people to do horrible things like this for example, or even dying from them...are prescribe by our family doctors. No one on this site or even people surrounding Wayne, have ANY idea the thoughts he's had, the struggles hes dealt with and the pain.

Christian...I love you and Im very proud of you wanting to be a marine.


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