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Excuse me there, Columbo

Unlike TV, County and State agencies work very well together, ESPECIALLY in a rural county like Columbus. While your perception of reality seems to be steeped in some "Walker Texas Ranger" fantasy or whatever cop shows come on now, the SBI doesn't come in wagging it's "authoriti" saying who gets arrested and the County doesn't cower to the SBI and run off with it's tail between it's legs.

Sheriff Batten and the members of his department that I know conduct themselves with integrity on a daily basis. As a Columbus County resident, I do not appreciate your insinuation of wrong doing or "looking the other way" by the Sheriff's Office. Not knocking the individual agents in the area, but the SBI "ain't battin' a thousand" when it comes to evidence handling either. I'd put my money on the local guys anytime.

Were there enough evidence to arrest Mr. Brown on a second degree murder charge at, or immediately following the shooting, I have no doubt that the CCSO would have snatched him up. The suspicion comes from it taking 6 weeks to move forward with an arrest. The DA's office in Columbus County has a history of sending innocent people to prison. With that in mind, who watches the watcher?

Lastly, it's no secret that the guy was unarmed. And for the record, if anyone chooses to unlawfully enter my residence WITHOUT a weapon, one WILL be provided for you at no additional charge, prior to the first officer's arrival.


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