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How is Berger my puppet? I

How is Berger my puppet? I can't even get my dog to do what I want. I have no money, no power, nothing. What incentive does Brian Berger have to do anything I say? In fact, I've simply told him, along with the rest of the commissioners what I feel about issues. He's the only one who listens. That makes him my puppet I guess.

The fact is, I am engaged and involved with local politics. I stay aware of the issues the best I can. Berger is the only one of our local leaders who has expressed a desire to change some of the good ol boy politics that have run this area for so long. Incidentally, this is why he is public enemy #1 among the other officials, staff, power brokers, and even the media in this town.

My only motive is a better county where we don't keep picking winners and losers with tax dollars; don't keep burning taxpayer cash on the great heap of so-called economic development, even though we have nothing to show for it; and a county where beliefs and convictions matter more than your family name, country club status, or how many politicians you can buy with donations and favors. So far, it's not looking good, because even the gullible public is buying into the overly-emotionally driven hype full of distortions and fabrications simply to destroy one man's character who is viewed as a threat.


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