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Thank you. You are one who

Thank you. You are one who can see this for what it is, and is not so intellectually shallow as to fall for one small media outlet's personal vendetta, that so many weak-minded sheep are getting sucked into. This article itself is a lie. Catlin and Berger have both missed the same amount of CFPUA meetings - 2. They were both in Raleigh together on county business on Feb. 9th, so they both missed that one. Catlin missed a CFPUA meeting yesterday as well. Berger missed one other one on March 9th, because he was in DC lobbying on the non-attainment issue for the county.

As far as him missing WDI meetings, those have been when DSS meetings are scheduled at the same time - and as your county commissioner, would you rather him attend some economic development good ol boy club that gets $20K a year of taxpayer money, or a true extension of government that deals with the lives of children that gets millions?

When two meetings are scheduled at the same time, you have to prioritize - take a look at his DSS attendance WWAY. The fact is, Berger serves on probably more public boards than the other commissioners, and is spread pretty thin. He has never missed any meetings because he was laid out at home sipping Mai Tais, as Scott Pickey is trying desperately to make everyone believe.


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