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I am appalled that Jon David

I am appalled that Jon David has spoken out against a judge so blatantly. This is totally undermining the respect that anyone can have for the judicial system which is the opposite of what our country needs right now. Total lack of respect for our Court system is not a good thing. If one is allowed to so publically talk about a judge, it totally undermines the court system completely. I am so tired of all of this disrespect. Now, there are all of these comments about the good old boy system. Well, what about Judge Ola Lewis, who David has also tried to bring into this argument. Folks - wake up! Look at her. Does she look like a good old boy??? No - she is black, female and had to fight the good old boy system herself to win her position. Anybody who does not cow-tail to the David brothers is the subject of excessive publicity by the media. Jon David wants to throw darts at Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis saying that she is in support of a Democratic Judge. This is not a Republican or a Democratic issue. It is about respect for the judiciary, and I commend Judge Lewis for standing by her judges. It seems that every judge around, except for Judge Marion Warren, is standing behind Judge Jolly which should say something to you unless you are so cynical until you believe they are all bad. Judge Warren, who is a Republican when it is popular, and then a Democrat when it is popular, and then back again to a Republican, is still just mad at Judge Jolly for calling his hand a few years ago for ordering a luxury suite of furniture a few years ago and charging it to the State's bill behind his back. Are all judges bad and corrupt? Are all lawyers bad and corrupt? I imagine you know a fine judge or lawyer in your area. Ask them what they think of all of this. I am sure Judge Lewis and Judge Jolly would like to say plenty in response to this issue, but their code of ethics prohibit that, as does Jon David's, but he of course, believes he is above all of that and doesn't have to follow the code. He believes he doesn't even have to follow the judge's orders. He just calls in the press and tries to make everybody else look bad until he can have his way. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that Jon David was publically criticizing a Brunswick County lawyer for speaking publically about his case with the newspaper? (It was about the teen mom case on reality TV) What is the difference here? Why is it ok for the District Attorney to speak out about cases? Are District Attorneys above the law? Is there an exception for District Attorneys? Are District Attorneys above defense attorneys? Well, come to think of it, District Attorneys MUST believe there is an exception for them because the previous two, that being Mike Easley and Rex Gore, surely thought so, but look where it has got them. Mike Easley is a convicted felon and Rex Gore is the subject of an ongoing SBI investigation. While we are on the subject of using the media for an advantage, Jon David publically talks about how he is on the crime scene every chance he gets. The Courts have ruled that being on the scene of a crime makes one a potential witness about a case, and if you are a witness in a case you cannot prosecute the case. That is why we have law enforcement officers who are perfectly able to investigate crimes on their own just as they have done for year prior to the arrival of the David Brothers. All of you law enforcement officers who have jumped on the David bandwagon should be insulted that he thinks you need him to supervise you. Jon David making these public comments subjects his entire staff from being prohibited from prosecuting a case. Think about how many tax dollars will be spent on bringing in an out of county prosecutor on all of these cases. Of course, Jon David obviously doesn't care about tax dollars since he just spent thousand on prosecuting a quadruple homicide in Columbus County when the man was ALREADY serving a life sentence on another murder from another county. What use was that? He couldn't possibly have gained anything by that for our citizens EXCEPT for the hopes of getting a death sentence which his office couldn't even get on a quadruple homicide. What good are 5 life sentences when a person only has one life? This quadruple homicide was the longest Columbus county trial in history, and why wasn't Jon David there prosecuting if he was so interested in justice? This trial started AFTER Jon David took office? It was because he was too busy visiting his legislators to keep the District from splitting, and talking to the press about Judge Jolly and appearing on BIG TALKER. All you conservatives need to look at the tax dollars Jon David has now spent on using State investigators to investigate Judge Jolly about his Order? Of course, the media loves that because it gives them something to make headlines. Think about it - how many times have you seen Jon David in the headlines these past few weeks making comments? He talks about Jerry Jolly as if he has a tail. Is that right? Everybody stop and think about all of this finger pointing. It may seem amusing now, but what about when your child is charged with communicating a threat, or assault because they slap a high school teenager over their boyfriend. Come on now - be honest. Our kids do that kind of thing. Do you then feel that your kid is going to get a fair trial in front of Judge Jolly with Jon David prosecuting if Jon David can "bully" him about his order? No - if Jon David can create enough bad press for the judge, you will feel you didn't get a fair trial. It is funny as long as it is somebody else, but what about when it is you? Do you want a judge with no backbone? We all say we want justice until trouble knocks on the door of our home, or our child’s door, or our sister’s door. It is ridiculous that all of this has occurred over a traffic school. We have traffic schools at our local community colleges that have served us well and put money in our local coiffures. Why do we need a privately owned program? Further, if a parent thinks Street Safe is such a great and beneficial program for their children, then they can send them to Street Safe themselves. There is nothing in Jerry Jolly’s Order that prevents a parent from sending a child to a private program. Additionally, it seems that the comments of everybody I see on here come from somebody who isn't even from this area who is always calling any of the local people, "good old boys." Just because we are local born and bred in beautiful southeastern North Carolina doesn't make us ignorant hicks who are good old boys. We just prefer not to take to the airways, and we rely on the LAW, honor and tradition, which means respecting your local judges. This may not be the way you do things up north or on Miami Vice, but if you all think our way of life is so corrupt, then goes back to where you came from and allow us to maintain some civility and respect.


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