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Are you serious

"Give us Butch Pope as our District Attorney", what an idiot. First of all DAs are elected, not "given". Second, Butch Pope is the one representing Stevie Cox, the Chadbourn town manager that has been indicted for impersonating an officer, resisting a public officer, speeding and expired license. I believe Butch said "the incident was a misunderstanding" but the state trooper specifically stated Stevie Cox said "I'm the Chief. I'm going to believe the trooper any day over a politician. I believe Stevie still has his job; only in Columbus County. Butch is part of the good ole boy machine in Columbus County and Jon David is not. The judges, lawyers, bankers (who are most all democrats) and democratic politician are going to try to destroy David because he is a republican and they know with time he will shake up their little world. I hope by the time David is done with the corruption in this backwards county the good ole boys are running, but then again I also believe they will do what it takes to stop David, which they have demonstrated in the past they are more than willing to do.


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