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1234 the fact that you call for having Butch Pope and Ola Lewis back with you in Columbus County tells me all I need to know about both of them. BTW, David was not the one who asked for the 13th District to be split - RC Soles did (sorry for having to mention his old-news name). He was the one who took the issue to the legislature. If you are so bent on disliking Jon David, first of all, be up front enough to use your correct name. Backstabbers always seem to have that problem. I wish I could put you on a little deserted island somewhere with your cronies. And don't ever post again that "most of us are so astounded." Apparently "most" voted FOR him. You are just mad because it is not business as usual. That's why you won't post your name. We would recognize it. Let's keep this county cut off from the rest of the world. Geez.


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