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Why aren't are local community colleges OK?

We already have a drivers training program - 3 of them in fact that have been in use for a long time. One at Bladen Community College, one at Southeastern Community College and one at Brunswick Community College. These are programs that support our local community colleges and help drivers. Why should we be "forced" to go to a different driving course that is sponsored by a contributor to the current District Attorney? There has been a lot of talk about Street Safe being a non-profit company but that doesn't mean that the person running the company doesn't make any money from the company. Quite the contrary. Franklin Graham, son of Evangelist Billy Graham, earns a salary of $483,000 a year from being the CEO of the Samaritan's Purse, which is a non-profit company. I certainly don't begrudge that fact because many non-profits have to offer large salaries to keep good CEOs and Samaritan's Purse is a great organization. The point is, however, the gentleman who runs Street Safe should not be allowed to pad his pockets because he contributed to David when there were and still are other options that were already in place. If a program had not been available to our county, Street Safe my have been a good option to bring in. Don't now deprive our local colleges of the income merely to help out a contibutor. Additionally, Mr. David did not make this program optional, but rather made it mandatory to get a traffic reduction. It just doesn't seem kosher that the District Attorney was going to change it all and require people to use his contributor's program. I give the Judge credit for keeping his eye on the situation for us citizens. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourselves as I did. Go to the internet and look at the salaries of CEO's for non-profit companies. It was the CEO of Street Safe who contributed to Mr. David's campaign. Additionally, WWAY has documents posted on this web site attached to the Judge's order that shows that Street Safe has a "for profit" part of the company - whatever that means? Help me out lawyers????? At any rate, Mr. David's friend definately would have benefitted from this. I believe our local community colleges need the help more that a CEO who is not from here.


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