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I could careless about the politics but the remark about attorneys making huge profits out of traffic tickets is crazy. The average cost of an attorney in Columbus county for a ticket is 230.00 including court costs of 141.00. That means the attorney gets 89 dollars for his time and making sure the charge doesn't hurt your license and insurance. The streetcars program charges 150.00 and a cost of 141 and a fine of 25 and an appearance in court and a day at driving school ( both things saved with an attorney) and worst of all no one tells you if the reduction will help your insurance or not because the program does not care. Driving schools are fine and attorneys often use them to get better deals. Don't full yourself into thinking that this is about attorneys losing money because it isn't. Yes. I am a lawyer. Yes I provide a service. I also have three employees and pay my taxes. I also give my time to charity church and home. I shop locally and I have voted republican my entire voting career. Please do not presume to know what lawyers think untill you take the time to become one. And please don't forget. Jon David is a lawyer and a politician which most people on this site seem to hate


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