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Kelly Thompson-sell your house and LEAVE!

Not into name-calling, though you are a little NIMBY-*&2*.
So which is it? Traffic or kids? Are your Precious little Darlings out and about 10PM - 2AM- Or at/before SUNRISE, playing IN THE STREET?
The Ramp was there BEFORE YOU for MANY years!
The FUNDS for this Improved Ramp & Park came from, DING!-DING! The PUBLICS Tax Monies and COMMERCIAL FISHING License fee's!
Flounder Gigger's use the Park & Ramp
Spot netting happens @ night.
Shrimping happens at NIGHT!
Other People whom use this Ramp, in other words Recreational Fishermen, whom go out in the ocean OFF-SHORE, in other words, the Gulf-Stream you twit, NEED this Ramp to be OPEN as many, or some-one May catch a late afternoon bite, and are coming in @ dark through the Inlet. In addition to numerous safety reasons, the Ramp NEEDS to be OPEN..
The Street you reside on is PUBLIC Highway.. Your Lil Darlings need a Leash, or in BED at these Hours. it's NOT all about you, and don't even try to say these trucks are "speeding", Jesus H. *****, They are Pulling quite a bit of weight, and are NOT going to be speeding down hill towards the water with a boat behind them, Or "speeding" up-hill either, pulling a boat.. Woman; YOU, are a complete MORON or a Lier.
Don't come-up with this line---> it's for the Children.. utter and Complete BS....


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