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Right there with you!

Yes, and I am sitting in the same traffic at the same times and it's just crazy! Before I leave my home, if I hear Leland's finest going down Village Road, I know I am in trouble! One big issue also though is the way people drive, not so much the roads!

Example 1: Leaving the ramp from Village Road towards town....why do people come to a dead stop on the ramp immediately and try to merge left onto 74/76 instead of going to the end of the ramp and merging? The reason the ramp is so long is to give cars exiting the ramp time to flow into the traffic. BTW, they do the same thing coming off the exit from 421. Like what is the urgency to get into that mess. I personally would rather go as far as I can before merging into a sea of idiots.

Example 2: Why does the traffic come to a complete stop on 74/76 on the straight-aways? It doesn't make sense! It's 55mph, so why are we stopping?

Example 3: Coming from Eagle Island home in the afternoon...people who think they deserve to get home faster than the rest of us race in the left lane to the split of the exits for East and West 74/76 and then stop traffic so they can get in ahead of the rest. Let me tell you, I sat in the right lane in traffic on that bridge one time 20 minutes while the "priviledged" raced to the front. When I finally got to the exit, some woman pulled up next to me and said "can you let me in?". Something struck me that day, and I said "No, I have been sitting here 20 minutes." She hurled words at me that I haven't heard in ages, sped ahead, and of course, some dummy let her in. She won. But it felt good. If you drive a company truck or van that has your business information on it and do this, I will never ever patronize your employer's business. Promise. And there are some that do this every day....I recognize the same vehicles doing this over and over again.

Example 4: Twice there has been some motorcyclist that has "ridden the line" right down the middle of the two lanes of cars going East on 74/76 in the morning. I don't know who this fool is, but the times I have seen this guy come whizzing by, it freaks me out! Whoever you are, DON'T DO THAT! You are adding to the insanity!

These are just a few examples of the stupidity of what we face every day. I totally agree with the drawing looking like it was drawn by a "drunken monkey" (totally giggled!). Also, Local has the best idea ever! Build connectors from 421! This would not further disrupt the already ridiculous traffic "flow"...the DOT could build it and one day OPEN it! Right on. Until then, make sure you have a bottle of water and other provisions, because Brunswick County is the fastest growing county in NC, and most of us work in Wilmington, so sitting in traffic is just going to get worse and worse.


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