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I Know Why It Was So Expensive

As someone that personally knows both Brian Berger and the (until VERY recently still married, numerous DSS case toting) female in his life I doubt he traveled to DC alone. $44 for one person? A bit of a stretch at your average food venue. For two? At any place offering appetizers, entrées and desserts? Totally believable. He is whipped by that girl and if he was going on a trip out of town, you bet she'd be going along for the free ride. Berger only ran for this office because of the benefits he could reap and so he could get at least a little bit of money coming in as his UNEMPLOYMENT CHECKS were expiring. Yes, I said it, believe it or not it's true. Berger is abusing the system, taxpayers, his position and spitting in the faces of the people who voted for him and believed his rambling, Rain Man- like takes 27 minutes to answer 8 questions, BS and lies. He knows the news and people are onto him and that's why he refuses to talk to the media. If you haven't done anything wrong you should have nothing to hide.


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