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You don't understand our national obsession

If you're poor, there is nothing in the world that you should want for. This is the only country in the world where poor people drive cars, have cellular phones, free medical, free food, and in many cases, have a ton of disposable income with which to buy 3D-HD televisions, computers, of course, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.

In this case, poor people DESERVE the latest apartments that rival condos on the beach. God forbid we didn't give them the latest stainless steel appliances. God forbid they ever have to say, "Gee, this being poor really stinks."

After all, then they might have an incentive to get out there and make themselves "un-poor," but why bother when you're having everything given to you in return for your vote?

Who knew that the biggest threat wasn't the Soviet Union, but the Democratic Party?


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