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Add even more

One criminal conviction by anybody legally residing there, everybody is evicted from that unit. Anybody illegally living in a unit, everybody is evicted. Random drug tests would be mandatory as well. Currently if I were to fail a drug test at any point I'm fired. If a resident fails, they are evicted.

The residents that would be part of the work program would be supervised by the county workers that already perform those tasks. That way nobody will lose their job, they will become a supervisor. The tenants would punch a clock, perform their job duties in exchange for all the "free" goodies they receive. If somebody quits showing up to work, doesn't work or any misconduct they are fired. If they are fired three times, they are evicted.

In short, make welfare something that is worked for and earned, not entitled. Then we could cut the fat from the rolls and give people job skills to help them become productive members of society, not slugs hanging out in the parking lots waiting for another check to magically arrive.


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