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SurfCityTom, what type of car do you drive??

You cant possibly work because you are on here 24/7..believe it or not, but there are people who are under the poverty level who have good credit and can purchase new cars with low payments..People like you who stereotype the poor community is the reason this country is so screwed up..always grumbling but never offering a seem to know a lot about what kind of cars the people who live in the projects drive..sound like you visit the projects a lot..a lot of the crime and drugs in the projects exist because WHITE people come there and buy their drugs and leave..its not black on black drugs so much but whites sneaking around in black neighborhoods that have a lot to do with why black neighborhoods cant flourish..if you have a product that no one is buying then what stop selling..Economics 101..GET OUT THE BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS THEN MAYBE BLACK PEOPLE WILL HAVE A CHANCE!!

Bring it on!!


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