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There again, someone takes a shot at Old Surf City Tom without

the benefit of research.

If you leave Surf City, you pass a housing project in Holly Ridge. My observations concerning cars comes from that area as well as the media. And, the media film sure did display a fair number of late model vehicles in the parking lot.

You state people like me are the reason the country is so screwed up. Were it not for people like me who work or own succesful businesses, there would be far fewer tax dollars put into the state and Federal coffers which could mean some of the entitlement recipients would see their benefits reduced. Perish that thought.

As to solutions, I and several other posters made a number of suggestions to reduce the public dole and limit public handouts to those who truly have a need.

Now, you opened a can of worms. You state that many of the housing "clients" can buy new cars. If that is the case, why should they be entitled to public housing? Housing is a necessity; a new car is not.

As to what do I drive, it depends on the weather. But then I don't own a car. The cars at my disposal are all owned by one of the three companies I own which by the way pay taxes and allow entitlement recipients to maintain their entitled lifestyle. But as bad as it is here, go to DC, New York or Chicago.


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