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SurfCityTom nailed it for you!

Toms post brings the "black and white" to light for you (and we're not talking skin color). In addition, your post blames your socio-economic status, living conditions and your neccessity to deal illegal drugs on others, in particular, the white man. You and others like you will never overcome that status until for one: You get off your lazy pudendums and DO something besides TAKE, two: Start supporting yourselves, your family and three: Get off of the government provided Gravy Train! I push my representatives hard, every chance I get to make it a requirement for you entitlement recipients to submit to regular, random, zero-tolerance drug testing for you to remain eligible for my tax money. As Tom said, we have to pass drug tests to to earn the money that gets paid out to you. YOU should be required to do the same to receive it. And I'll push for that until I'm dead.
As I've stated many times, I don't have a problem with my tax money being used to help the truly poor and unfortunate to get back on their feet. I DO have a problem with my tax money being spent on the capable yet lazy and irresponsible to sit on their duffs for a lifetime, deal drugs and teach their offspring to continue the same. I don't appreciate seeing someone in front of me in the grocery line buying filet mignon and lobster with food stamps, put it in the trunk of their new Lexus and drive off while talking on their $500.00 smart phone.
So, keep on blaming others for your total lack of motivation and responsibility. I encourage that! In the meantime, I'll campaign hard to cut these lifetime entitlements and have those funds spent on something valuable...Education and tax CUTS!


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