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Beer Festival Blues :(

BooHooHoo, BooHooHoo, Waaaah!!!! Waaaah!
I am so tired of hearing the crabby old fart, stick in the mud lame duck, OH! my goodness Bible thumping Hypocritical morons cry about downtown noise or drinking or whatever complaint it is this week.
Quit your whining and find something constructive to do with your time. Like maybe looking up the facts about your completely one-sided, lop-sided, view on life!!!!
Stop making life difficult on others and get help for your introverted, prudish and stuck-up mental problems.
There are those of us who can and do responsibly enjoy ourselves downtown. We would like to continue to do so. I like the variety of options our downtown provides. For you to try and limit these options to just the things you like is selfish. You are like spoiled children that throw a tantrum when things do not go their way.
More power to the bar owners, the restaraunt owners, the shop owners and anyone else that wants to make a living in downtown Wilmington.
To anyone else who wants to hurt or limit the businesses downtown from succeeding. I got one finger for ya!!!!


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