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Why is it when the mention of beer and downtown, ALWAYS the bars fault? The bar owners are not the ones out drinking and driving. It is supposed to be the ones who are doing the consumings responsibility to take a cab or ride with a non drinking party. The ones who are supposed to be the adults, have a mind and make up their own mind to drink, get drunk, get behind the wheel of a car and drive. NOT the bar owners. I am tired of reading the same old mess over this. I say No to the use of the convention center for the beer feast. It is too pretty of a place to use it for that. Let them have their day in the park. That is where all that mess is usually held. Let the drunks fall out in the roads while trying to cross the street. When, one of them get run tha hell over, maybe Wilmington will not allow anymore open drinking beer feast. But, quit blaming the bars.


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