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Guest Lee,

Good post! However, we forgot homelessness!

Homelessness, due to the 50+ non-profits during the past few years who aided people from far off places in their quest for a "disability check", food stamps, free clothes, voucers for just about everything, Pell grants, free shelters and free food...etc.

The dye was cast and the takers came a looking... They found Wilmington quaint and forgiving...and they stayed. They became a part of the fabric to the once enjoyable DOWNTOWN, where you used to be allowed to PARK for free right in front of City Hall!

DARE I ask...have you ever tried to go to the library or Greenfield Lake downtown during the day... let alone the NIGHT? Homeless people comfortable with hustle, (whether it is shaking down unsuspecting tourists and locals or "hustling" among themselves... it is too MUCH, and that is before the prevalance of Drugs and Hookers... Bars really do fit right in!


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