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Yeah....having to wait twenty-four hours....

...before you murder your baby. What an unbearable hardship!

No one is taking away your right to kill your baby. Even I fully agree that you have a right to murder him/her during the first two trimesters, but let's not pretend that isn't exactly what you're doing. You can lie to yourself, but please don't lie to me.

However, I believe that murdering your baby is between you and God.

As far as the cost, there are two things to consider - first, the ONLY reason it will cost the state anything is because the federal governmnet mandates that we pick up the tab on irresponsible, indigent breeders who can't afford to pay a doctor for the required ultrasound and counseling. Get rid of Medicaid and its underlying tenet that people can't be held responsible for their own lives, and TA-DA! No cost at all to taxpayers.

Second, the bookkeeping of the left truly amazes me. A few years ago the proposed EPA rules they went to court to enforce cost American industries about $9 BILLION dollars for every life supposedly saved by reduced emissions.

Looking at it in that light, $7 million is a bargain if it causes one woman to stop, think, and make her decide that she's not going to murder her baby.


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