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So you believe we should just forget about it?

Pearl Harbor, the Alamo, Gettysburg, and Valley Forge as well? You must be one of those people who believe that history is unimportant and nothing more than trivia.

It was a pivotal moment in American History and I (along with the other sane members of society) never want to forget about that day. It not only impacted this country's foreign policy, but its domestic policy as well. It awoke this country to the knowledge that two immense oceans are no barriers when we invite our enemies to come live in our midst. It changed the psyche of the entire globe.

The SUREST way to incur another September Eleventh is to forget about the last one for even a minute. I want it fresh on everyone's mind. I want the videos of people leaping to their death to escape the fires played every year on the anniversary. I want to hear Bin Laden talking about "results beyond our wildest expectations." I want kids to see those planes slamming into those buildings to show them what our enemies are capable of and to mentally steel themselves in preparation for what lies ahead.


I don't think so.


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