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And the Hits just keep on coming

The Brunswick County Bar Association is not likely to reimburse the taxpayers for the Deputy Security at the door or the room. No! They instead elected "Her Greatness" Ola to the Brunswick County Bar Association Hall of "Shame" oops Fame. And just in time so Her Greatness can attend the Brunswick County GOP Executive Board and announce her great achievement to a room of approving GOP RINOs. The room stood and applauded. Now after seeing her connection to Jolly; the GOP will see how stupid they have been in supporting Her Greatness.

She continues to Bully anyone who questions her. Ask another Republican Ed Rapp who she is sueing for telling the truth about her openly campaigning during the Primary. Her husband (Reggie) also threatened to sue another Republican at the 2010 Brunswick County Lincoln Day Dinner (right in front of Senator Burr and Tom Fetzer) for asking if it is legal for Ola (a standing Judge) to wear Rabon for Senate campaign button at this diner during the 2010 Primary. A class act move. Wonder what Burr was thinking.

Obviously, party affiliation in Brunswick County does not mean anything and is only a necessary evil to get elected. It is becoming clear that the "Good ole Boys" control both parties and we the voter are being duped as all our poltical candidates (Dems and Repubs) are being selected for us. I guess they never thought that Jon David would ever get elected.


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