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Who are you kidding to think

Who are you kidding to think the Chief Deputy of the BCSD was "investigating" a traffic fatality. Look up the warrants that are public record and you can see the charging agency was the State Highway Patrol. Chief Deputy Miller was on scene to see what was going on. Go back and review the news articles from this tragedy and I can GUARANTEE that all statements were issued by the Highway Patrol not from "the ranking law enforcement officer on the scene!" Furthermore there shouldn't be any "confusion" about what court date or time to put on tickets because it seems to me Judge Jolly's order was PRETTY clear on that. Concerning the comment about Judge Jolly being one of Judge Lewis' puppets is the damnest thing I have ever heard. Apparently you weren't here when Ola Lewis was just an ADA in Judge Jolly's District Court prosecuting traffic cases. BTW.. Thanks Scott for telling us the 2 things Jon David is asking for because after reading the entire transcript I never saw what he was requesting.


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