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JennieQ, You Asked...

"Since when did it become "news" to report on when a politician is late?"
Not eloquently stated, but we get your point/

Since you have been living under a rock and still do not understand, thank you for giving me this opportunity to answer this question for you, ... I mean JennieQ.

It RIGHTFULLY became NEWS when...

"We the People", (as we often proudly proclaim of ourselves in America), have both the freedom and the right to elect a "County Commissioner", (not a politician) of our choice. Sometimes we are mistaken in our best judgement, as we are only human, but we do not like to be duped.

We EXPECT that all County Commissioners would live up to our expectations and conduct New Hanover County taxpayers business in a timely, efficient and responsible manner.

Instead, Brian Berger is in the NEWS almost daily because he, (as an ELECTED OFFICIAL of New Hanover County), baltently, arrogantly and egotistically disregards the necessity to act on a timely, efficient and responsible manner.
Sadly, he continues to ignore the publics plea to show up on time and to conduct the business that the tax payers AS WELL AS his fellow Commissioners expect.
This blatent disregard of his duties to not only attend meetings on time but to be actively engaged while in these vital meetings has proven to be a REAL "slap-in-the-face" to voters.

These are the same voters who cast a vote of trust and confidence at the polls for him to be a good representative.

This is not to mention the voters who went out of their way for him and spent countless hours campaigning, polling and advocating for him, only to be disappointed in his weirdo behavior. Get it, yet?

If you still do not understand....repeat the same explanation....over and over, and there you have Brian Berger and the reason why WWAY is the NEWS that the people tune into to to get the TRUTH.


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