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Turned into

Why is news turned into a bashing medium.. I wouldn't vote for the guy for whjatever reasons of my own I have.. But geesh... WWAY, TMZ, National Enquirer... They are all blending into one another...
The people who are attracted to people-bashing are the people attracted to drama... Isthat really the professional media outlet you want to become? Call me old fashioned but I even disagree with posting mug shots on starnews until after the person has been tried and convicted... This town is besoming more of a you are convicted then we will trial you and if innocent we'll forget we said anything...
who really cares if bozoburger was late? His actions in the "real news" have already doomed his political career on his own....
Can we move on to some real news and get away from undercover reporting? That went our with Springer... Really.. I just want to watch the flippin news again... How about erporting on things people in our area are doing GOOD for a change please...


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