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You will Vote for him Again?

Are you insane? He told me that he is not running the next time, but you may be led blindly by the light.

Hey don't turn the tables away from the real problem (Berger) and tell us to run for office. I price myself with the VERY BEST, so therefore, I HAVE NO DESIRE TO RUN FOR ANY OFFICE, EVER, but YOUR Boy Did have a DESIRE and DID RUN. People wasted countless hours supporting him and what does he do? Repeatedly...mocks the office, and his supporters by FAILING to APPEAR competent.

Anyway, why are you blaming all of us? What did we do? Just because we used our freedom of speech to warn Berger that he needs to at least attempt to conduct himself like a leader...or at the very least, like a responsible adult, you reem us out?

Berger is the only person who deserves your wrath for making the Republicans and the Tee'd PARTY look stupid as heck after his numerous 'documented' antics and foibles.

Seriously, Why are you defending him? Hating Jason and Company isn't an acceptable answer.


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