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How sad

My first thought is for the people who have lost loved ones from this and for those who have a loved one who is involved. My heart goes out to you.

My second thought is that people make choices - they can choose to use it or not - although I have no sympathy for the person who created it - he should be prosecuted, and for the places that sell it, shut them down or boycott them and hurt them badly. But again, these people that choose to use it make that decision; yes, I feel sorry for them, but that is their choice. That is not being heartless - it is being realistic. I am sure that nobody is holding them down and sticking it up their noses.

My third thought is that it is amazing that just when you think you have heard it all, a story like this one comes along. I guess there will always be a market for those who choose to live their live dangerously and stupidly and there will always be someone willing to sell stuff to them.

I am 54 years old and it bothers me that I have to sign to buy Nyquil, sudaphedrine or spray paint because somewhere along the line, some idiot has decided that it can be used illegally for a cheap high or to make something illegal.. Their stupidity causes the rest of us that DON'T BREAK THE LAW to have to change our ways and interferes with our freedoms also.

Time to take responsibility for your actions and stay away from the stuff!


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