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Bath Salts

My boyfriend and me have tried the bathsalts as I can tell none of you have. We were addicted to pain pills for 8 years before we heard of these bath salts. We went to a doctor and both got started out on Vicodin 5's 8 years ago and throughout the years were given higher and higer doses till we were on the Perc 15s and 30s. With both of us on the drug and doing more and more by the week we eventually starting running out of our pills and then we started purchesing them. With a 100-150 dollar a day habit we knew something needed to change so we tried to get help but even though the doctors took our insurance to give us this addiction they would not accept it to help us get away from the addiction. WE heard of bath salts from a friend and we tried it then out habit went to 20 dollars a day. WE both were ok all day with one bottle or packet so we were not spending as much money. Then one day I found my boyfriend and he wouldnt wake up and was really sweaty and breathing funny I called 911 and when they got there they said his sugar was 27. I imeddiatly thought it was the BS so when I got to the hospital I told them about the BS usage. He was in a coma for a few days and phycotic when he did awaken. I always thought it was the bathsalts 2 weeks later he was a little better he wasnt phycotic he was eating and drinking on his own with thickeners and he was breathing right. They wanted to put him in a nursing home for therypy but he wanted to come home and since I love him had been caring for him and I am a STNA I took him home. When we first came home I had to help him eat drink and his voice is really low. (also the doctors said he will never be the same). We have been home for 3 weeks and my boyfriend is perfectly normal. I asked him one day do you remember anythign before the hospital? and he said yeah babe the last thing I remember is takign your dads headache pills for my headache I asked him to show me which bottle and he showed me the bottle. I read it and it was my dads medicine that was for his DIABETES. Which explained why his sugar was 27 and after reasearch your sugar dropping that low will cause the same affects that I watched him got through... Just think you may think it is BS and it may be but it could be something totally different these doctors need to test for every known drug that is found in the urine and blood before thinking it is bath salts just cause someone says hey I know he took bath salts if they would have done that for my boyfriend they could have treated him faster instead of just looking at him like damn he is a druggie he is a lost cause


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