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who really gets your tax dollars

A majority of your tax dollars goes to corporate 'welfare'(tax breaks, subsidies, refunds) and to the megarich...look into how many millions were given to big corporations who paid absolutely no taxes and how much the income tax percentages paid by the rich have drastically fallen in the past several decades...if corporations and the filthy rich paid their fair share like the rest of us, the government would be fully funded and we would have enough surplus to give every child an excellent education, medical care for all and repair America's crumbling's not the people with nothing who are bankrupting us, it's the 2% that control 95% of the world's resources...and unless you're making +$300k, you're as irrelevant to the powers that be as a homeless person...seems like FauxNews has a lot of folks convinced that the poor are bad, when in reality it's the ultra-rich and the megacorporations who truly embody evil...


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