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You're trying to equate....

...subsidies and tax breaks with welfare and Medicaid, which is like trying to compare a cold to terminal cancer. Corporations serve an important purpose, not the least of which is enriching millions of Americans through dividends and capital gains...which are then taxed! Weflare and Medicaid recipients serve no purpose whatsoever.

I'm totally on board with getting the government out of industry. I was simply telling you the Congressional mindset as to why the drilling subsidies are in place: Reduce our dependence on foreign oil and keep American roughnecks drilling.

The easiest way to clean up over half our mess is to stop taxing income and start taxing consumption. That way GE won't be able to escape paying taxes, and the worthless losers who are sucking this country dry (yet always seem to have a ton of disposable income) will be forced to pay taxes.


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