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Wait a Minute....

There seems to be a problem with your story.

Are you talking Trash? no pun intended!

Or Recylcling?

I assume that you did not put your tote at the curb and decided to eventually put what would have been recycling into the trash 21 days later...

Now, the problem with YOUR side of the story is that the trash man commeths once per week,right???

3 X 7 = 21 days are you stating that the trash man deliberately MISSED picking up your recycling tote for 3 weeks???

OH, WAIT a Minute, BUT, THEN.....You readily admit that you didn't put the thing WHERE it was suppossed to be, right?...Why Not? SO IT WAS YOUR FAULT.

I guess you showed them that you don't have to do it their way...but just remember, these people are PAID to Pick up your Garbage, YoUR Trash, Your Recycling, your ABSOLUTELY ridiculous massive mounds of shrubbery that reaches to the high heavens, etc.,

But, they are NOT PAID to Read your Mind when you don't comply with putting the bin where it is supposed to be/

Try to follow the rules, and be nice to the people who are some of America's Hardest Workers... Be NICE...if just for Old Times Sake!

"Hey! Garbage Men", or for the P.C. leftwing loons who log on, "Hey Trash Haulers... Your Business is Always Picking Up", and You DO A GREAT JOB! ...except those times when you couldn't figure out WHERE the people put their trash because they didn't have it at the curbside on their day or before 6am, or whatever???


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